Emerging Technologies Conference – Health, Education and Blockchain

Last Thursday I had a wonderful opportunity to speak on a panel at the Emerging Technologies Summit hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas and the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center. The conference was jam packed with evangelists, experts and those with interest in the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Fintech. It was also keynoted by Blockchain evangelist and technology prognosticator, and a good friend, Don Tapscott.

My panel covered the topic of Emerging Technologies for a Better World, and it was memorable and fulfilling as my fellow panelist, Richard Margolin of Robokind, and I covered the two topics that are near and dear to my heart these days – inclusion education and rapid advancement of health & wellness.

I was able to highlight many of the things that Nano Vision is advancing in curing healthcare, including disrupting the way the current funding and research models (don’t) work for curing disease and human health threats such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and superbugs (anti-microbial resistance, or AMR).

This article published by Dallas Innovates titled “Harnessing AI, Blockchain and IoT for Future Disruption” captured a couple of these key thoughts that I shared on the panel.

What a wonderful time for innovation where we can finally harness the world community for targeting great causes.